Jealous Dogs Want Attention Compilation (2020)

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Jealous Dogs Want Attention Compilation (2020)

10 thoughts on “Jealous Dogs Want Attention Compilation (2020)

  1. I’ve never seen a golden retriever bare their teeth like that, they always seem like the happiest dogs with a dog smile so seeing one bare their teeth like that was quite shocking for me, they seem territorial of their owners

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  3. One year ago I moved in with my boyfriend and his 11 year old Boston terrier. Her name is Maha. Maha poops and pees in the home 3 times a week for the past year. She tried to poop on me when I was pregnant. She pooped on my kids toys. She poops and pees on the couch and the dining room table. We take her outside to the restroom all the time and the dog is never home alone. Maha has growled just a few times when the kids have pet her over the year. When I had my baby and she was a newborn she was wrapped in a blanket sleeping and Maha was on the couch and I told her to go lay down and she walked slowly over to my baby and walked across her before jumping off the couch. Now my baby is 5 months and the other day she was wrapped in a blanket sleeping on the floor. Maha came up to my baby and tried to dig into her and her blanket. I told her to go lay down and she walked away and came back and tried to dig into my baby and her blanket again. Sometimes when Maha sits in between my boyfriend and us he tells her to go lay down she doesn’t listen. She will sit between us anyway or walk away and come right back. My boyfriend said she poops on the table because she’s jealous that the kids get to eat good meals and sit up there and that ‘it’s not fair and he needs to make her homemade snacks’. I told him to not allow Maha in the couch because she won’t stop peeing on it and he yelled at me and said it’s her couch too and it’s my fault she acts like this because ‘my kids and I moved in and took up his dogs space’. His ex girlfriend of 7 years ago told me the dog pooped and peed in the house all the time too. I don’t know what to do. My boyfriend calls his dog ‘good girl’ and ‘baby’ and cuddles her all the time and brings her everywhere we go. We can’t even go to the ocean for a few hours without the dog coming and getting half the attention and laying on my beach blanket, ruining any romantic vibes.

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