7 thoughts on ““The Good Dog” – A tribute to man’s best friend. Cute dogs and puppies!

  1. Hi, Jennifer !!!…
    Wow !!! It's really nice video !!!
    High class country music !!!
    Good installation work !
    You've got your own style of editing !
    You've got a FEELING …
    I give FIVE RATING STARS to you !!! 5 * * * * *
    Keep it up !
    You have a TALENT !!!
    I wish you all the best !
    Bye !
    Irene =)

  2. Nice video, for sure, but why call it The GOOD Dog? Are there really any BAD dogs? I know you meant well and, for that, I thank you. Maybe it could have been called something like 'Dog Celebration', or "for Dog Lovers'. or something. Since you have the wording in the video though, maybe it could be called "Your Dog". ๐Ÿ™‚
    The music is great, by the way. I enjoyed it.

  3. They are truly man's best friend…
    Let spread love…mainly with the animals.
    It disgust me when I see someone doing any harm to an animal.
    Great video.
    Hope you all apreciate my dog too…

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