TOP100 Dog Breeds Before and After Growing Up ❤️ Puppy to Adult Cute Smiles Edition

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100 dog breeds pictures before and after growing up puppies. Let’s see how your puppy looks like an adult dog.

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We’re introducing top 100 dog breeds in Japan.
Breed standards are taken from JKC (Japan Kennel Club).

No.1〜100 All videos ▶

Contents: List of 100 dog breeds
00:01 Irish Wolfhound
00:05 Irish Setter
00:09 Akita inu ▶
00:13 Afghan Hound
00:17 American Cocker Spaniel
00:21 Alaskan Malamute
00:26 Italian Greyhound
00:30 English Cocker Spaniel
00:34 English Springer Spaniel
00:38 Whippet
00:42 West Highland White Terrier
00:46 Welsh Corgi Cardigan
00:51 Welsh Corgi Pembroke
00:59 Welsh Terrier
01:03 Airedale Terrier
01:07 Australian Cattle Dog
01:11 Australian Shepherd
01:20 Old English Sheepdog
01:24 Kai Ken
01:28 Keeshond
01:32 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
01:36 Great Dane
01:41 Great Pyrenees
01:45 Cairn Terrier
01:49 Kerry Blue Terrier
01:53 Kooikerhondje
01:57 Golden Retriever
02:06 Samoyed ▶
02:14 Saluki ▶
02:18 Shih Tzu
02:27 Shetland Sheepdog
02:31 Shikoku Inu
02:35 Shiba Inu
02:39 Siberian Husky ▶
02:43 German Shepherd Dog ▶
02:51 Giant Schnauzer
02:55 Jack Russell Terrier
03:03 Schipperke
03:07 Scottish Terrier
03:11 Staffordshire Bull Terrier
03:15 Saint Bernard
03:23 Dachshund
03:27 Dalmatian
03:31 Tibetan Spaniel
03:35 Chinese Crested Dog
03:39 Chow Chow
03:43 Chihuahua
03:51 Japanese Chin
03:55 Toy Manchester Terrier
03:59 Doberman ▶
04:03 Japanese Spitz
04:07 Newfoundland
04:11 Norfolk Terrier
04:15 Norwich Terrier
04:19 Bernese Mountain Dog ▶
04:23 Pug
04:27 Basset Hound
04:31 Basenji
04:35 Havanese
04:39 Papillon
04:43 Bearded Collie
04:47 Beagle
04:51 Bichon Frise
04:59 Poodle (Toy Poodle)
05:07 Puli
05:11 Petit Brabanson
05:15 Flat-Coated Retriever
05:19 Brussels Griffon
05:23 Bulldog
05:27 Brittany Spaniel
05:31 French Bulldog
05:35 Pekinese
05:39 Bedlington Terrier
05:43 Bergian Griffon
05:47 Bergian Shepherd Dog Tervuren
05:51 Bergian Shepherd Dog Malinois
05:55 Border Collie
06:00 Border Terrier
06:04 Portuguese Water Dog
06:09 Boxer
06:14 Boston Terrier
06:18 Hokkaido Inu
06:23 Pomeranian
06:28 Borzoi ▶
06:33 Bolognese
06:37 White Swiss Shepherd Dog
06:42 Mastiff
06:47 Maltese
06:51 Miniature Schnauzer
06:56 Miniature Pinscher
07:01 Miniature Bull Terrier
07:06 Yorkshire Terrier
07:10 Lhasa Apso
07:15 Rough Collie ▶
07:20 Labrador Retriever
07:24 Lakeland Terrier
07:29 Leonberger
07:34 Rottweiler ▶
07:38 Weir Fox Terrier
07:43 Weimaraner ▶

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