When Your Dogs Know You’re Pregnant | Cutest Reactions

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Who is subscribing on our first video?! Wait until you see how are dogs react to seeing my pregnant wife’s baby bump! Our dogs Flip , Zoey and Kobe the blind pup we are fostering all spend time reacting the the first time they see the baby bump. Do you think they know what’s coming?

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When Your Dogs Know You’re Pregnant | Cutest Reactions

10 thoughts on “When Your Dogs Know You’re Pregnant | Cutest Reactions

  1. Do you think any of our dogs know Kelly's pregnant?! 👶🐶🐶🐶 Be one of the first to subscribe to our new channel!

  2. My brothers dog was none stop laying on my bump when I was pregnant with my son he was beside me all the time in them 9 months pregnant even he can tell I was in labour when I didn't know I was xxx and then 1 clock in morning it started it's clever

  3. My dog, Teddy, does the same thing as Zoey when I try to pick him up. He'll jump up into my arms… it's so cute!!! Koby is ADORABLE!!

  4. Years ago friends visited me. The wife was pregnant but not showing yet. My Siberian Huskie , female did something she never did with visitors when she walked over and laid her head on the wife's stomach. My Huskie knew without a doubt the woman was pregnant .

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