AWOLNATION ‘Sail’ and Funny Dogs

Funny Dogs Video Information:

Here’s my Awolnation compilation for the Dogs. If you haven’t seen the Cat version yet just click below!

All credits go to there perspective owners. Big props to Devin Super Tramps slowmotion video i used at the end. Check out his channel for more awesome videos.


AWOLNATION ‘Sail’ and Funny Dogs

10 thoughts on “AWOLNATION ‘Sail’ and Funny Dogs

  1. am i right that at 1:02 the dude is kidnapping a dog? If so it is soo cute they saved their friend

  2. There are sayings like "The lion is King of the Pride""The tiger is King of the Jungle"
    Here's one for ya
    "The Dog is King of the Animal Kingdom"

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