Daily Life with BEAGLES | Funny Dogs Louie & Marie

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Daily Life with BEAGLES | Funny Dogs Louie & Marie
Beagles are so much fun and hilarious to watch. Beagles are stuborn but also very smart.
Watch this funny and cute beagle compilation of our two derpy beagles Louie & Marie and ofcourse very cute human Baby Liam.
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Louie the Beagle is a fun and derpy beagle dog who loves to entertain with his little sister Marie.
From ball pits , animation in real life, dog parties , costume pranks , minions to asmr , toy reviews and prank.
These two cute dogs do it all. Have fun watching our videos and don’t forget to subscribe and ring the bell.

Daily Life with BEAGLES | Funny Dogs Louie & Marie

10 thoughts on “Daily Life with BEAGLES | Funny Dogs Louie & Marie

  1. I love love love this video! Liam is back and he is beautiful and has gotten so big. Beagles are the best in every way and fantastic with kids as we can see. Seeing Liam in the crate is hilarious! One big happy family. I am so happy to see that the doggies have not been relegated to second class citizens after Liam's arrival. Miss my Beagle so much but Louie & Marie can make me smile. Kisses to all three of them!

  2. When my beagle Max was alive, he'd often try to dig through stuff. It made me think of his biological father, who was named Digger.

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