Dog Bakes Cookies : Funny Dog Louie The Beagle

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Dog Bakes Cookies : Funny Dog Louie The Beagle
Cute and hilarious Chef dog with human hands make the best cookies you ever tasted!
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Funny dog Louie bakes cookies for his Christmas beagle friends.
But he is not that good when it comes to decorating these fresh tasty dog treats.
Diy dog cookies make your house smell delicious!

Stuff used :

Louie is a cute and derpy beagle dog and he and his little sister Marie are always up to no good!

Their human loves them so much he spends alot of time spoiling them like no other dog on the planet.

From ball pits , minion themed birthday parties , bounce houses , testing out kids minions and disney toys to playing with puppies and goats….we do it all :-).

Cookies are from SMOOFLE : At Smoofl we believe in that pinch of love you add when you bake your own dog treats. Somehow it makes cookies taste just that little bit yummier. We’ve created this one-of-a-kind baking mix, so you can share those bits of happiness with your best friend.

This blend of healthy ingredients is filled with delicious goodness. The trio of apple chunks, cinnamon and almonds is pure nostalgia taking you back to your grandma’s kitchen.

100% veggie, gluten and grain free so your pooch can Smoofl with gusto.

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Dog Bakes Cookies : Funny Dog Louie The Beagle