Dog Gets Yoga Ball – Funny dogs

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I got Yoga ball for my dogs! I always wanted to see if my huskies and malamute would be interested in playing with yoga ball. well lets find out! don’t forget to give this video a like!

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Dog Gets Yoga Ball – Funny dogs

10 thoughts on “Dog Gets Yoga Ball – Funny dogs

  1. I love Luke. He's just sitting there like "What's the big deal?". Luke is the intelligent one, Hugo is the sweet one and Gus is the goofball.

  2. Gus is sooooo stingy xD. He never shares anything and wants it all to himself. Also I knew when you first gave him the ball that he wanted to pop it xD. You can see him bite on it the whole time!

  3. Luke is intelligent
    Hugo is sweet

    Gus is bully
    I remember when gus was tic tac lol.

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