Dogs Scare Skeleton! Funny Dogs Maymo & Potpie vs Skeleton Prank

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It’s not even Halloween yet, but Funny Dog Maymo Scares an unwitting Skeleton! The two cute beagle dogs, Maymo and Potpie walk into a random home, only to realize they are in a haunted house! They come upon a sleeping skeleton, who wakes up and screams in terror at the two beagles staring at him on the bed. Each dog isn’t finished with the prank, however, and they disturb the skeleton while he is eating lunch, scaring the hot dog right out of his mouth! The dog pranks continue with the dogs coming up behind the skeleton while he watches t.v…..funny dog Maymo changes the channel, and when the skeleton looks over to see a dog again, he is sent screaming for the hills! Wait until the end to see Penny, who shows up to scare the skeleton too! Add this to the list of Maymo’s epic prank videos!

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“Mysterious Forest” by Howard Harper-Barnes
“Waltz of the Dead” and “Cities of Sand” by Mike Franklyn
“In a Jiffy” and “Jive with Me” by Moins Le Quartet

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Dogs Scare Skeleton! Funny Dogs Maymo & Potpie vs Skeleton Prank

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