Dogs vs Michael Myers Prank | Funny Dogs Louie & Marie

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Dogs vs Clumsy Michael Myers prank | Funny Dogs Louie & Marie
It’s almost halloween and Michael Myers is back in town giving cute and funny dogs Louie & Marie a visit. But Michael looks really clumsy this year and doesn’t get far besides the kitchen before these dogs take him down.

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Louie the Beagle is a fun and derpy beagle dog who loves to entertain with his little sister Marie.
From ball pits , animation in real life, dog parties , costume pranks , minions to asmr , toy reviews and prank.
These two cute dogs do it all. Have fun watching our videos and don’t forget to subscribe and ring the bell.

Dogs vs Michael Myers Prank | Funny Dogs Louie & Marie

10 thoughts on “Dogs vs Michael Myers Prank | Funny Dogs Louie & Marie

  1. Just watched your video again. Louie & Marie are epitome of the classic beautiful Beagle. Adorable expressive faces, softest eyes that always say I love you. They all have lots of personality. Mine both "talked" back if they were told not to do something. And no other dogs can sniff out and steal food the way they do. Very determined and when they want something you can see the wheels turning in their head as they plan the heist. No matter the crime I could never get mad. Marie I love the blanket on your head, I did that to my girls too. Miss them like crazy. ♡

  2. Hahahahaha this one is so funny I about died when he steps on the shovel hahahahaha another great video Hahahahaha

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