Dogs Vs Minion Prank : Funny Dogs Louie and Marie Ep8

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Dogs Vs Minion Prank : Funny Dogs Louie and Marie Ep8
Best of the Minions in Real Life. Minions and more minions
Funny dogs Louie and Marie with their best friends the minions. Minions Stuart , Dave and Kevin are all having fun at our house.
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Louie the Beagle is a fun and derpy beagle dog who loves to entertain with his little sister Marie.
From ball pits , animation in real life, dog parties , costume pranks , minions to asmr , toy reviews and prank.
These two cute dogs do it all. Have fun watching our videos and don’t forget to subscribe and ring the bell.

Dogs Vs Minion Prank : Funny Dogs Louie and Marie Ep8

10 thoughts on “Dogs Vs Minion Prank : Funny Dogs Louie and Marie Ep8

  1. Buster the beagle would have murderized him a minion.๐Ÿ™„

  2. I absolutely love this video! Especially how Marie reacts in the beginning. BANANA!

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