Funny Cats and Dogs Fighting for Household Control

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It is time to destroy the myth that dogs rule the pet household. Watch as these ferocious crazy cats go all out to protect their territory against the presumed dominant species that is the Dog. These cats are sure to put dogs in their place in a quick reversal of fortune.

This cats vs dogs video of the funniest animals and pets in the world will leave you in awe as for once the cat gets the better of it’s household pet companion. You will be shocked as these crazy cats make quick cowards of us all and has dogs shaking in their paws!

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Funny Cats and Dogs Fighting for Household Control

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Funny Cats and Dogs Fighting for Household Control

7 thoughts on “Funny Cats and Dogs Fighting for Household Control

  1. cats rule dogs drool. My cat beat up my dog well……. I'm not going to put it that way when my cat and dog fight my cat always wins

  2. awesome stuff! I love when big dogs are patient with cats. cute every time. …plus, I find cats hilarious for some reason and when people say they hate cats… I don't get it.

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