Funny Dog Reaction to Water Sprayer [BEST REACTION EVER]

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How are you friends? How is the weather? Today we are very hot, and Bailey and I decided to cool down with a water sprayer, look at the very funny reaction of the golden bailey retriever to the water sprayer. Subscribe to Bailey and post your comments below this video!


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Funny Dog Reaction to Water Sprayer [BEST REACTION EVER]

10 thoughts on “Funny Dog Reaction to Water Sprayer [BEST REACTION EVER]

  1. Did you guys like this video? See also how Bailey and I eat invisible food

  2. i get a similar reaction when I blow air on my dog. She goes wild instantly, shes half french bulldog so she does that typical french bulldog thing, running around the whole place.

  3. Absolutly not funny at all!!!
    We had a Golden Retriever for 14 years. Some dogtrainers say, you should punish the dog with water if they do very bad thinks. So what, think about that, and let your Retriever simple being a dog and best friend please

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