Funny Dog Water Aerobics With My Personal Trainers! Malamute & Husky Help Me Lose Weight!

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Funny Dog Water Aerobics With My Personal Trainers! Malamute & Husky Help Me Lose Weight!
What a week we had! Tonka & Monroe bought me a Hula Hoop to workout with! I am sure now that they had an ulterior motive 😹! So then we did some water aerobics! They kept me from cheating when I tried to eat some Blueberry Cheesecake Muffin Waffles 😹! Don’t forget to Share, Leave a comment and give us a 👍! We would Love for you to join our YouTube Family! Thank you SO much for Watching! Click on the Notification BELL so you know when we put new videos up! We post new videos at 11:00 am Eastern Time every Monday, Wednesday & Friday & go live on Tuesday at 2:00 pm!
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I think you will love this video of Tonka yelling at me when I won’t let him play with a couple of small dogs 😊🐺❤️❣

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Funny Dog Water Aerobics With My Personal Trainers! Malamute & Husky Help Me Lose Weight!

10 thoughts on “Funny Dog Water Aerobics With My Personal Trainers! Malamute & Husky Help Me Lose Weight!

  1. I can't believe Monroe was riding in your back, that was so cool. Excellent and very entertaining video. I was wondering how old your pool is? It appears to look brand new which is remarkable considering the Florida Sun🌞. Thank you for sharing this wonderful fun filled entertaining video. Watched the entire video including all 3 ads one of which was 40 minutes long. Like button pressed. Like button pressed. Take care and have a nice evening.👍☺

  2. Drinking lots of water has helped me lose weight. Great to see you having fun with the doggo's!!

  3. So glad to see the Waterwolves finally in the water! Hadn’t watched in a minute so I can see Bonita’s weight loss in her face. Keep it up!

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