Funny Dogs And Cats || Silly Pet Fails Compilation

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Clumsy pets caught in their element.

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Watch the Originals:
Dog Runs Away Instead of to Owner

Dog Drinking From Hose Flips Over

Dog Bounces Tennis Ball into Camera

Dog Jumps into Hedge Bush

Dog Helps Play Piano

Dog Falls into Water Jumping for Toy

Puppy Falls Over with Watering Can

Dog Drops Treat in Drive-Thru

Cat Falls off Window Sill Trying to Swat at Neighbor Cat

Little Kitten Can’t Jump

Kitten Fails Jumping Off Bed

Cat Surprised by Other Cat Hiding in Bag

Kitten Jump Fail

Cat Knocks over Cable Box during Football Game

Cat Tries to Jump to Shelf

Cat Falls into Cardboard Box

Cat Knocks Over Items on Shelf

Scaredy Cat Frightened by Cucumber

Cat Falls Stiffly off Bed

Printer Scares Cat when Paper Comes Out

Kitten Tries to Pounce on Shadow Puppet

Cat Gets Frightened by Cucumber

Cat Chases Laser Dot into Bathtub

Dog Can’t Get Stick Through Gap

Funny Dogs And Cats || Silly Pet Fails Compilation

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  1. To be fair to the dog at the end, most dogs will probably react this way to this type of dilemma. There was a small study that tested dogs and wolves on their independent problem solving abilities. The study was set up so that the animal was sitting in front of a bowl of food but there was a barrier between the two and an opening 9-10 feet (about 3 meters) away from the animal. The wolves were able to figure out to go around the barrier to be opening every single time but the dogs failed almost always. The researchers came to the conclusion that as a species humans have breed the ability for critical thinking out of many of the dog species.

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