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Dogs behaving like humans. Dogs acting like humans. Animals behaving like humans. Funny and cute.

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Funny Dogs Behaving Like Humans – Dogs Acting like Humans || BEST OF

10 thoughts on “Funny Dogs Behaving Like Humans – Dogs Acting like Humans || BEST OF


    Many of us fear the day when dogs will figure all this out.
    Walking, talking, forming neighborhood watches. Political activism.

    "It's time to outlaw spaying and neutering – it's the human's attempt to limit our contributions to the greater good"

    Finally though on 'Take your dog to work day" we can put their asses to real work and take some time off "Okay Cyrus be a good dog and get all this freaking code written and finished before I get back"

  2. Lady says” do you know your a dog”

    Dog says” the f are you are eating to many Big Macs to be asking am I a dog”

  3. The guy on the motor cycle is breaking the law. He endangered the dog's life and every person he passed illegally. People wonder why no one respects motor cycles. Ass hole!

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