10 thoughts on “Funny Dogs Chasing Laser Pointers Compilation 2014 [NEW]

  1. From someone who adopted a dog from a kill shelter……..that was given up BECAUSE OF SEVERE mental issues when it comes to light and reflection…..I will tell you right now you're an ass for thinking this is funny. You have NO IDEA the damage this causes to dogs. STOP!

  2. This may not become an obsession for every dog, but it has for my dog. Do not suggest doing this what so ever.


  3. if you wanna do this make sure you do it on a slitly slipery surface. not anything hard. ESPECIALLY CARPET my dog got serius rug burn when i tried this. just if you wanna do it make sure its on a slightly slipery surface.

  4. 😘😘BAY IT NOW👇👇👇👇😱👌NIC 😍

  5. I actually did have a king size German Shepherd and my mom did this to him. Really you don't want to do it because then your dog is going to chase after shadow areas and bright lights. It makes your dog seem dumb for doing it but really it can be a real serious danger for you and your dog it can be dangerous for you because they chase after shadows.

  6. My dog is too smart for this. When someone shines a laser on the floor he immediately looks at the person that is pointing the laser. On one hand I am glad he is smart, but on the other hand I am a little disappointed because I would have liked to have had fun like this and make him run around everywhere. lol

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