Funny dogs: My dogs home alone

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Funny dogs….I’ve often wondered what my dogs do when they’re in the backyard all by their little lonesomes. I know that Lilly will occasionally chew on something, because we’ll find evidence of it when we come home. As for Sara, I suspect she mostly lies around.

We set up a camera and left them alone for a whopping 10 minutes! We didn’t really leave, but they thought we did.

Here’s what we found.

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Funny dogs: My dogs home alone

4 thoughts on “Funny dogs: My dogs home alone

  1. I video tape to see what mine do too! Sara did not leave the window. I wish you had a doggie cam on Lily. She was moving around a lot. YAY, your home! :))

  2. @pamelamarxsen I know! I'm thinking of hiding a few cameras outside so I can see where she wonders off too.

  3. lol. that was cute how Sara stayed at the window the whole time then took a little snooze for a few 🙂

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