10 thoughts on “Funny Dogs Opening Their Christmas Presents Compilation 2017

  1. Oh we as pet parents indulge them so. But how can we say no to such adorable creatures? We have a Siberian Husky and she is so smart that we have to spell around her and I think she is getting on to us. We have an intercom that works thru our phone system and I think she has figured that out. She knows that if she tells me she has to go out and I pick up the phone I am going to call my husband in his man cave and he will come up and take her out because she then goes and listens for him at the door. They are so smart! The best to all the people out there who are fur baby lovers. They are just the best!

  2. If you hate cats give a like to my comment please I really love dogs and I do not love cats

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