Funny Dogs That Will Make Your Day #21 || Dogs are the Best

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Why dogs are the best?
The connection between humans and dogs has been long acknowledged as one of the strongest bonds around – even if, at some point, they will inevitably try to steal a sausage off your plate.

Here’s why we think dogs are the best pets ever…

1. They’re incredibly loyal.
2. Their positive attitude is infectious.
3. They’re good at cuddles.
4. They make you active
5. They do their business outside.
6. They love you back.
7. They’re always happy when you get home.
8. They make you chat to people.
9. They make sure no food ever goes to waste.
10. They make you laugh.

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  1. The dogs all the dogs that you show new videos of saying cute I love them and love her for me or them on thank you for everything you do thank you for so much thank you bye bye

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