HALLOWEEN MISCHIEF – Cute & Funny Wiener Dogs Go Trick or Treating!

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In this special #Halloween episode, the #dogs, Crusoe, Oakley, and Daphne put on their best Halloween #Costumes to go trick or treating around the neighborhood. But as they quickly discover, it’s mostly a human thing and not many houses have treats for dogs. So, this trio of cute, funny and adorable little dachshunds decide to keep changing costumes and going back to the same house over and over, finally getting into some pretty good mischief at the end to finally steal all the cookies!

Watch and enjoy!
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HALLOWEEN MISCHIEF – Cute & Funny Wiener Dogs Go Trick or Treating!

10 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN MISCHIEF – Cute & Funny Wiener Dogs Go Trick or Treating!

  1. Guys let me know your favorite costume (or moment) in the episode!! All costumes were HOMEMADE! Also, check out our 2022 calendars here: https://geni.us/crusoe2022 and also stay tuned for my new mobile game coming soon!

  2. This was absolutely adorable and funny. I couldn’t stop laughing. Oakley’s poop costume takes the cake. All doggies are so cute and so smart! The costumes were great . It was really difficult to pick a favorite. I enjoyed it tremendously!

  3. Heyy! Whassup pups? You getting ready for Halloween. This is daphne's 1st time of her Halloween.

  4. That was hilarious!! How great to have a long video from you. Thanks for making it to entertain all of us. And Happy Halloweenie!

  5. This was hilarious thanks for sharing this made I night. My favorite part was when Oakley ate all the cookies.

  6. Crusoe=the smartest,tricky,mature
    Daphne= pretty,cute,fast
    Oakley=funniest,mischief,kinda dumb lol

    All have there own abilities like super powers lolz

  7. Cru! Who knew you were such a naughty evil genius?! And sweet Daphne a theif?! And Oakley, usually such a gentleman saying "This is a load of crap!" Then eating ALL the cookies like a greedy piggy?! LOL I loved it, hilarious!😂 awww and Oakley's adorable little ears getting white on the tips 🥺

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