🐶 Newborn Puppy Not Breathing | S02E01 | Bondi Vet

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Chris faces one of the most traumatic nights of his career when Bella the pug is rushed into the Bondi clinic.
She is in labour and x rays show she’s carrying six huge puppies.
During an emergency caesarean Chris and a team of vet nurses battle to save the babies and a critical Bella.

At the Bondi referral hospital, Sash, a staffy has been rushed in after swallowing a fish hook on his very first fishing trip.
Owner, Chad is feeling guilty and Lisa discovers the hook is wedged deep into his osephagus.
Can they get the hook out or will Harley have to go under the knife?

A beautiful pelican has crash landed on a busy highway in Sydney.
Pablo’s mouth is bleeding and Chris is worried the pelican could be suffering a fractured neck and internal injuries.
X rays are needed but the starving Pablo turns out to be a tricky patient.



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🐶 Newborn Puppy Not Breathing | S02E01 | Bondi Vet

10 thoughts on “🐶 Newborn Puppy Not Breathing | S02E01 | Bondi Vet

  1. If I was an animal that lives in Bondi, I would take frequent visits to Sash and Bondi Vet myself xD

  2. I had her since 6 weeks old, they took her to young 🙁 and she is 15 months old , in my country it is illegal to breed dogs before 18 months.

  3. You're now besties with Pablo the poop is a social acceptance behavior lol

  4. This is my first time watching Bondi vet and I thought it was awsome as I am a fan of animals!
    I hope to be a vet as good as all of you guys!

  5. Hello mr , my cat fell of the third floor , his leg is broken and there is blood coming out of his nose and mouth , and the saddest part is the only veterinary near to me is not available , 😢😢😢😢

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