10 essentials items for your new puppy

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I really hope you guys like this new video. I’m trying out some new editing techniques to make my videos more enjoyable.

These are just my personal recommendations for top 10 essential needs for a new puppy. Feel free to adjust the list accordingly to your own puppy’s needs.

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10 essentials items for your new puppy

10 thoughts on “10 essentials items for your new puppy

  1. I just met my puppy today and I get the bring him home on Friday! He’s a Yorkipoo and I’m soo excited!

  2. I’m watching this now and am sure as hell will come back when I actually have my fur baby in my arms😩

  3. Are you also training Mia to pee outside? It is hard when a large breed adult uses pee pads.

  4. You do know that you can just get a poop bag dispenser to clip onto Mia's leash right?

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