13 puppies struggling to survive in a cold and snowy forest want a warm dog kennel. Adorable Paws

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2 mother dogs gave birth to 13 puppies in total. The puppies live on the snow in an inaccessible part of the forest. They have no more chance of surviving because of the cold. We want to buy a dog kennel for them and create this chance. No matter how hard it is, we’re going to build this kennel and move it here and deliver it to the puppies.

I continue to write petitions every day for municipalities to give the necessary importance to neutering operations. Otherwise, these forests will soon be filled with tens of thousands of unhealthy stray dogs. Remember. Neutering saves lives.

There are many stray dogs living in our country. We have a dream. We established this channel to make this dream come true. Building a natural habitat for homeless animals. We are just at the beginning of the road. We believe we will make this dream come true one day. Would you like to join this family and help us make this dream come true?

We help many stray animals in our country in terms of feeding, housing, sterilization and treatment. You can support us by watching videos of thousands of animals in need of help.

This explanation is only for animal lovers who ask questions about how to support in the comments. We are a big family. Being a part of this family is the biggest support for us.

➡By watching videos.
➡By commenting.
➡By pressing the like button.
➡By sharing videos on your social media accounts.
➡As a member of our channel.

To subscribe to the channel:
➡ https://www.youtube.com/adorablepaws

➡The motto of our channel;
Love, feed, neuter and protect animals. ”TNR” – “Adopt, Don’t Shop”

We built Dog Kennels for Stray Dogs made of Wooden Pallets and Tarpaulins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3hI0cq5u-4&ab_channel=AdorablePaws

What if a pregnant woman encounters dozens of stray dogs? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxAiowZrNO8&ab_channel=AdorablePaws

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13 puppies struggling to survive in a cold and snowy forest want a warm dog kennel. Adorable Paws

10 thoughts on “13 puppies struggling to survive in a cold and snowy forest want a warm dog kennel. Adorable Paws

  1. All chapters of this story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcNWno2sky4&list=PLTKpinw50OiZ_mBejVbEf_hvnfKuKNjw9&ab_channel=AdorablePaws

  2. Muy grande la apertura de la puerta todo el frio le entra 😥😢no sirve

  3. Muy bueno por hacerles una casita pero ahi afuera un Lobo se los va a comer ellos necesitan un hogar donde los quieren y los protejan estan tan bellos los cachorros, hermosos

  4. Gracias por todo lo que hacen por los cachorros 🐶 hermosos 🙏❤️hay que trabajar con una campaña de esterilización hacer conciencia a los dueños de mascotas una vea más grandes bendiciones para todos ustedes que tengan salud y prosperidad en sus vidas 🤗❤️👏❤️🐶🐕🦮🐕‍🦺🐶❤️😇

  5. No tiene nombre lo que hace este ángel por los peluditos es un amor bendiciones ❤️🙏🐕

  6. Gracias. ¡ creo q es mejor debajo de los árboles? Por la nieve, no tapa la entrada, ¡ no adoptan cachirritos? Aquí ven Argentina existen refugios, lugares casas q los cuidan hasta q los adaptan, se lo q están padeciendo, con los malignos yanquies nazis zelenski los degenerados buitres reino unido, rogamos q se termine ya! Abrazos 🤗 los amamos 💕 ❤

  7. The government should reward your family for helping so many innocent lives. The cold would kill the babies.

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