4 week old Staffy/Pittie Puppies play in the Autumn Leaves

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9 little 4 week old rescued Staffy/Pittie puppies are becoming more and more adventurous with their surrounds.

Yesterday we had them out with the family and holiday pack for some of the afternoon playing in the Autumn leaves and frolicking in the sun.

Being rescued from a cruelty case, we can only assume that this is the first time they’ve been out and about safely playing like this with other dogs who are only super friendly. They seemed to really enjoy it. The first time we had them on grass it seemed like a brand new experience, they just couldn’t get over the grass.

We feel privileged to be a part of these special little ones’ early lives and excited to share it with you all too. Coming from such uncertain beginnings, this litter seem to have so much to prove already, so so little, but oh so brave.

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4 week old Staffy/Pittie Puppies play in the Autumn Leaves

10 thoughts on “4 week old Staffy/Pittie Puppies play in the Autumn Leaves

  1. Seems like Miss Violet and Miss Red were that small just yesterday!!! Nice to see they are growing into the role of 'big sisters' very beautifully. And what is with all the puppies loving those wonderful German Shepard tails! I laugh every time I see someone chewing on those tails!

  2. The forever sisters are growing up so fast, they'll be young ladies before long…I just love those two 🥰

  3. SHADOW has moved into the house 🏠. Wonderful workYou giys&Team 👏 😇❤

  4. The cutest thing for me was watching Princess playing tag with a couple of puppies..especially around the gum ball tree. This is what we call them in South LA, they have those sticky balls that love long fur and don't step on them, you won't again. Lovely video..the girls are so good with the puppies, little nannies..lol ❤🙏❤

  5. Just delightful to watch these happy little pups and the girls carrying them around is SO sweet. Thank god you saved the litter and I hope the parents are ok too. Please update when you know more. I love staffies/pitties above all, but that's just me!

  6. You all make my days so much brighter and filled with laughter and joy with these videos. I love them and think you all are about the greatest people I've ever seen. Moments to cherish! Thanks!

  7. I remember similar days yrs ago when I lived out in the country…sitting in the sunshine on the warm blacktop driveway….not w doggies, but w kitties!!😻😻😻Thanks for sparking the memories.😉

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