5 week old Great Pyrenees puppies! Deworming, weights, & nail clipping.

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In today’s episode, our Great Pyrenees puppies are 5 weeks old! I weigh them, clip their nails, deworm, and loosen collars. I hope you enjoy!

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Music: Redwood Trail
Musician: music by audionautix.com
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10 thoughts on “5 week old Great Pyrenees puppies! Deworming, weights, & nail clipping.

  1. Hello guys!!! Omgoodness that puppies are growing real fast. They are adorable!!! I can hear the goats in the background. Have a good Easter Sunday !!!!!

  2. Awwww there so cute. Love them all I’m still looking for one. Your son is growing up so fast He’s a really good helper I wish my girls helped that much they disappear when I need help. 😂😂😂. There me all the way I did the same thing 😂

  3. Puppies are sooooo Sweet… Remember what these 3 days are all about, The death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus…

  4. The puppies are so stinking cute, oh my. Could you put a dish washing tote on the scale then put the puppy in the tote? Dish pan whatever they are called. It would hold them nicely. Thanks for sharing, Cambria:)

  5. They're so big, you need to weigh yourself, then weigh yourself holding them and subtract your weight.

  6. Your puppies are so cute!!!!!! I loved the names you picked out for them 😊

  7. Are you a professional dog breeder? If so can you pls link your website? Or are you keeping all of these puppies???

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