6 playing dachshund puppies

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Music: Ikson ‘Perfect’.

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6 playing dachshund puppies

10 thoughts on “6 playing dachshund puppies

  1. It’s hard for me to work from home and constantly not cuddle my doxie. I can’t imagine to have 6 super adorable puppies around me all the time, nothing would get done… All of them are beautiful, but Loulou and the smallest girl are the cutest💘

  2. Sorry er ging wat mis. Wat zal het straks stil zijn als ze weg zijn , maar ook leuk zo samen met Loulou en Coco. Maar ik zal deze super schattige filmpjes ook echt gaan missen❤️

  3. Какая мило, малышня прелестная, мамочка рядом , и все довольны…

  4. These puppies are precious and so angelic looking! I will miss them but they were meant to bring joy to families in their new, forever homes. 💖

  5. Today I had to take my dachshund to the vet to put him to sleep. He suffered very much from old age, he did not want to eat or drink anything, he did not digest anything. If he ate anything, he would vomit immediately or had diarrhea. He had kidney failure, demolished stomach, cataracts in eyes, the beginnings of rheumatism. Fortunately, he had no back problems or obesity (common for dachshunds). We've been to various vets and everyone says the same thing – there's no cure for old age … Valar Morghulis. I feel terrible, he was the best and only friend in my life. No man was as close to me as this joyful dog. He was with me and my family since puppy for 14 years. In appearance he was very similar to Loulou, looking at the videos with her I will recall the happy days spent in the presence of my little friend who passed away today. R.I.P. Florian

  6. I will miss them so much when they go…!!!!! Thank you for putting all these sweet videos on YouTube so we can go back and see them again and again and again!

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