7 Week Old Pug Puppy | Stanley

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Only 1 week till we can bring Little Stanley home to meet the rest of the gang! Hope they like him as much as we do! He seems like a right Winston so I’m sure they’ll get along great and terrorise Pablo together .. Poor Pablo!

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7 Week Old Pug Puppy  |  Stanley

10 thoughts on “7 Week Old Pug Puppy | Stanley

  1. I wonder if Stanley knows how loved he is already. Such an adorable little potato.

  2. OMG, pugs, frenchies and bulldogs, where is this breeder, I want to meet all the pups, they’re all so adorable!

  3. Chelsey hand at the end was getting a pug hug by all those little cuties. So beautiful! Stanley is a spunky little boy with lots of love for you guys already! So precious. Makes my heart pitter patter

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