9 Minutes of Puppy Movements in Mom’s tummy!

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Keith Kenniff – Portraits P.2

DOF 18/10/20

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9 Minutes of Puppy Movements in Mom’s tummy!

10 thoughts on “9 Minutes of Puppy Movements in Mom’s tummy!

  1. Kiki and the Potats will be trouble makers and good friends but Shiro is going to mexicorino and will be taking a vacation from the madness that has yet to come.

  2. Shiro is wondering what happened to Suki, why she is so flat out. Why they cannot zoom around any more.

  3. My birthdays next week and so is the Potats馃 馃!(I think,we don鈥檛 know yet,I remember hooman saying 2 weeks.)

  4. The music so nice and peaceful, Suki so relax and Shiro beside her, what a lovely doggo couple 馃挅馃挅馃挅

  5. cant wait to watch the video of another potats coming out. as they grow and have a familynof their own. its so sad seeing the trios gone.

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