A day with my dachshund and puppies.

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A day with my dachshund and puppies.

10 thoughts on “A day with my dachshund and puppies.

  1. if you don't feed your dog a raw meat diet, it's equivalent to you eating at Mc Donald's everyday. break away from the highly processed kibble and go meat. we have a 17 year old dachshund and still going strong on this type of diet.

  2. More LouLou's in this World, (and Lou's), how beautiful!!!! Congratulations LouLou, you're such a good Mommy! ♥️

  3. Really cute!!

    Is that safe for her to have her eat so fast? And non cooked meals? Can that hurt her tummy?

  4. Can’t believe someone has presented this…we enjoyed our two dachshunds over a span of 29 years…I was seven when we collected our Ben from a farm in the Vale Of Belvoir, then I was 18 when we returned to collect our Sam! He lived to 17 in 1991…now work out my age!!

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