A Few Puppies Loved The Water

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We bought this fun water toy to try with the puppies. A few puppies loved it! Even though, it didn’t go quite as planned having puppies play in the water before 8 weeks could be helpful to desensitize them for our families would may enjoy going to the beach, lake or pool.

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A Few Puppies Loved The Water

10 thoughts on “A Few Puppies Loved The Water

  1. We got a sprinkler pad similar to this one for our puppy and she loves it! It's so much fun having a doodle that enjoys water so much ! Good job guys on the exposure to it 👍🏼

  2. We were just in the Outer Banks a few weeks ago. My golden doodle loves the beach but did not like the pool. I think because he couldn’t feel the bottom. He doesn’t mind the rain but prefers to go out when it’s not pouring and will hold it for a long time. Love the video. The splash pad is a great idea!

  3. That looked like it was so much fun. I love watching puppies play. It was funny to see some of the pups on the sprinkler pad, not sure what was going on.

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