A little lost puppy in pain next to the road

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Hello everyone, I live in a small village in North Africa, the weather is warm here most of the year, so street cats breed a lot and often cannot protect their kittens, some are abandoned, some are lost from their mother, some are abandoned by their mother, there is no veterinarian here and no stores For animals and no shelters for animals, I just try to help with what I find in front of me, the goal of the channel is to show this suffering and motivate people to do what they can to help animals, there are also many complications regarding animal sterilization.
Thanks to everyone who read this introduction before watching the content
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A little lost puppy in pain next to the road

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  2. Some dog owners are irresponsible. They don't spay their dog yet they don't want respondibility. It costs little to spay a dog. It hurts to see puppy this age still needs love from mom.

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