10 thoughts on “Amazing transformation of a Yorkie used at a puppy mill for breeding his entire life

  1. I could never do that to a poor dog. I trained my protection dogs in the past and have non today. My daughter bought a Yorkie and I inherited her-Foxy Roxy. She is so adorable how can people be so mean to a poor animal?

  2. You don't have right to complain if you have bought a dog from pet store. If people would stop buying dogs this wouldn't happened

  3. They should STOP pet stores, etc., from being able to buy from puppy mills. They ALL do buy puppies from these evil people. They should be regulated by the gov't so they have to be up to code on everything……the dog's weight, shots, the environment should have to be relentlessly inspected and the parent dogs, too. It should have to be EXPENSIVE to operate! If pet shops don't keep up to date documents from where they buy their puppies they should be shut down! Let ME put a plan in motion and that much right there will thin the amount of mills!!

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