Bichon havanese puppies

Puppies Video Information:

Rumba-Fruzsi puppies. Domoszlói-Vadász S-betűs alom.
A videón Fruzsi-Rumba babái láthatóak 5 naposan és 2 hetesen.

Bichon havanese puppies

4 thoughts on “Bichon havanese puppies

  1. Where did their smooth coats come from when Neither Bichon or Havanese are smooth coated?

  2. Oh, I just discovered that this breed is actually named "Bichon Havanese" ( I've only seen them called "Havanese"). I thought they were a mixed breed (Bichon Frise and Havanese mix), when I left my last comment. So , I'm still wondering about the puppies smooth looking coats. Do their coats change when they are older?

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