Boston Terrier puppies open a PUPBOX!

Puppies Video Information:

Firstly I want to say that i have really missed doing YT content and i’m so happy to be getting back in the game! Also yes I know this is a pretty dated video and for some of you, know that these pups are now about 9 months old! They are in their “forever homes” so stayed tuned to see what exactly that means. I promise more current updates soon!

Watch as Zuko the Boston Terrier dad “allows” his puppies; Appa, Momo, and Iroh, help him open his monthly PUPBOX

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This is where we’ve been, stay tuned for more puppy videos!

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Boston Terrier puppies open a PUPBOX!

10 thoughts on “Boston Terrier puppies open a PUPBOX!

  1. I'm a shadetree implant. I LOVE BOSTIN TERRIERS!!!!!!!!!!!! I had one as a kid and have been in love ever since. I wish my cat would let me have one. He's a tux cat, so they would match so well!!

    SERIOUS QUESTION!!!!!!!: How do you get cats to like dogs? Do you just raise them as a puppy and kitten together?

  2. They are so so cute. Are you doing any more training videos? I have a 3 month old Fiesty Boston boy. I could use some of your training sensibilities.

  3. OMG!! I’ve missed you all! The puppies are adorable! I recently lost my Boston to a ruptured gallbladder. I’m so devastated, heartbroken and empty. 💔😢

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