Brave Puppy Won’t Let Anything Stop Her | The Dodo

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This brave little puppy lost a leg, but she’s not letting anything slow her down.

You can help Good Karma Pet Rescue care for more puppies like Angelica by donating to: You can also check them out on Facebook:

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Brave Puppy Won’t Let Anything Stop Her | The Dodo

10 thoughts on “Brave Puppy Won’t Let Anything Stop Her | The Dodo

  1. Can I have her, please please. Very sweet and genuine love for the little one from adopted daddy. Enjoy your days little angel.

  2. Every time I am ready to give up on humanity, I see something like this and my faith is restored.

  3. God bless her she's adorable thanks so much for saving her and giving her a wonderful home ❤❤❤❤

  4. I Love her. God bless this family & this amazing little girl. She's Soo stinky beautiful ❤️

  5. So so beautiful 🥰 thank you for not giving up on her" she is truly beautiful …much love to you always 🤗💛

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