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Rangers in Isolation: Episode 90.

Rangers Dan, Gareth and Nic find a pack of Cape Hunting Dogs, an alpha pair, of which the female is missing her one ear. The Piccadilly female leopard returns to an impala kill within MalaMala Camp, behind Room 1. On investigation there is another fresh carcass on the ground with spotted Hyena feeding on it. A pack of two Cape Hunting Dogs crash into the scene and chase the hyena finishing the last scraps. In the afternoon we receive reports again of the Cape Hunting Dogs. We go and investigate and find that there are nine young pups within the pack.

Its been a rollercoaster ride for this pack of two Cape Hunting Dogs, since the female gave birth about two months ago. The one eared, alpha female, is easily distinguished. The odds of raising their ten pups to adulthood, is heavily stacked against them, and the Kambula pride has already raided one of their densities. A single Kambula lioness has been an unwelcome visitor on at least one other occasion, and a pup was found dead in the area shortly after the visit. Sadly, the reports head count of the pups was down to just two. Thankfully, this alpha pair has outsmarted us all and have done well to keep at least nine pups alive, thus far. This was our first glimpse of them and it was a special close encounter for all.

For all those who wanted to come to MalaMala but cannot, we’d like to bring MalaMala to you. In the coming weeks we’ll endeavour to share with you everything from game drives to field work. Basically, what rangers do when we don’t have guests. Enjoy and stay safe.

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  1. These little guys are well fed. Their parents are doing a great job. Feeding nine puppies is not easy. Their bellies are full.

  2. Their success is best likely as another duo (Puzzles and Jiggy) successfully raised several packs with the first being only the 2 of them raising about 12 pups

  3. Thank you for bringing us these great sightings, @MalaMala Game Reserve. Those Cape Hunting Dog puppies are adorable! Their parents are doing a great job keeping them safe and well fed. Great to see the leopards too. ❤️🐾😊

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