CAVE rescue with lots of puppies, and a bonus dog who read my mind!!!

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This rescue mission required the collaboration of 4 rescue organizations!

Freddy Kelly, founder of #PALRescue contacted #HopeForPaws to complete this rescue in the desert and they offered to foster the mom and puppies. When we got there, we discovered a bonus dog and they didn’t have a foster home, so I asked my friend Shira Astrof, founder of #TheAnimalRescueMission if she had a foster available, and she figured it out for me right away.

Once Katie McKittrick, Alex Babcock, and I accomplished the rescue successfully, we headed back to Los Angeles so we could give everybody a nice warm bath and of course a complete checkup at CARES.

Starshine (the mom) and her babies continued to PAL Rescue to be fostered, and when the puppies were weaned and didn’t need their mom anymore, we had to split the family because caring for 8 dogs is A LOT of work for one person!

Fang, Macloud, Norton, and Wolfie stayed with our friends at PAL Rescue and you can apply to adopt them here:

Starshine, Bimba, Janezy, and Ronnie are fostered by our friend Terri Fox, founder of Foxy And The Hounds and you can apply to adopt them here:

Shay is fostered by our friends at The Animal Rescue Mission, she recovered beautifully, and you can apply to adopt her here:

It took a whole dedicated team to make this whole thing work and I am very lucky to be surrounded by amazing rescue partners that help us save all these lives.

All our rescue partners have other dogs for adoption and if you’re looking for a new friend, please check out their websites – they have little dogs, medium dogs, big dogs, puppies, adults, and seniors – sadly, they have it all.

The names of these 9 dogs were selected from your name suggestions. If you would like to suggest a name too and see it on one of our next videos, please submit it here: (just make sure it’s not a name we already used).

The last thing for today – please ask #Amazon to donate to Hope For Paws. This can be done at no cost to you just by clicking here and approving Hope For Paws –

Thank you so much!!! โค๏ธ


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CAVE rescue with lots of puppies, and a bonus dog who read my mind!!!

10 thoughts on “CAVE rescue with lots of puppies, and a bonus dog who read my mind!!!

  1. I think she didn't want to go at first because she was enjoying the love she was getting from you.

  2. Aren't super hero's supposed to wear their under crackers on the outside of their trousers ? ๐Ÿคฃ

  3. Wow that was so brave of you to be inside a pipe w/ a mama dog who doesn't know you. Btw maybe mama dog was afraid to go leave the pipe bcoz she could see there was someone outside the pipe just waiting for her to come out. And the puppies might have come out of the cave on their own if they could see their mom outside. Thank you Hope for Paws for rescuing this family and Shay… and for giving them a chance of having a good life. โค๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. OMG Eldad. Lucky your not claustrophobic. I became so watching this! OMG Eldad why take so long underground? You will get stuck one day. Cuteness overload with all those puppies in the bath together. Talk about suspense!!!! So glad they all – and you – safe now.

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