Change The Way You Think About Puppy Biting Training

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Puppy biting training is often on the top of the list for things that new puppy owners need to work on. If you’re having puppy biting issues, it can really slow down your puppy training. The big mistake that a lot of people make is thinking that puppy biting training is all about what to do when your puppy bites you. This is not the case. In lots of scenarios, the biggest changes will happen when you address some of the training issues before your puppy has ever started to nip or bite! In this video, Kayl is going to show you how to make better puppy leadership decisions, so you can get to the puppy snuggles sooner!

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00:00 Change The Way You Think About Puppy Biting Training
00:44 Management For Puppy Biting
02:33 Management For Puppy Biting – Taking The Collar
04:49 Leadership Choices For Puppy Biting
07:54 Does Your Puppy Bite More At A Certain Time Of Day?
10:05 Using A Crate During Puppy Biting Training
13:16 Puppy Biting Training Requires Consistency
15:43 Avoid The Biggest Mistakes In Puppy Biting Training

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Change The Way You Think About Puppy Biting Training

10 thoughts on “Change The Way You Think About Puppy Biting Training

  1. Are you trying to get control of the puppy biting in your household? Avoid the Biggest Mistake That People Make With Puppy Biting Training by watching this video:

    Happy Training!

  2. I have a 3 month old puppy that doesn't ever nap on his own. I have to put him in his crate to sleep. Even when he's really tired after training, he just starts wandering slowly around the house and won't lay down and nap or go in his crate on his own. Any tips?

  3. I'm so glad mine wasn't a biter.. she did nip a bit but I just used "ow ow" or "no" and gave her something for her to chew on and she stopped nipping very quickly

  4. oh goodness, I feel like I did all the wrong things with my puppy! Are they able to learn all over again?

  5. Love all of your videos so helpful!! Thank you. Do you happen to have any videos on how to introduce your puppy to your older dog for the first time? Or any tips?

  6. Awe we’re was this when we needed it haha! Glad another video with useful credible information is out there! May have to post a video with the outcome.

  7. I wonder if some people watch these videos who are not even dog owners, just to look at cute puppies. ❤️

  8. Safety is advised. Listener(s)/Reader(s)/Viewer(s) discernment and discretion advised. Ignore any telepathic message received by this  video series it is fictional.

  9. I am so glad you make these videos! We got two puppies, yes TWO, 3 weeks ago and I started watching your videos before we got them to get prepared. I've been able to teach them a bunch of tricks (most in the first week of having them!) and they have been crate trained since the first week. Only the first few nights were iffy, but by the end of the week they were fine. Now at week 3 they know "in" and go right on in! You've made my life easier!! Haha. Right now I am struggling with biting and some potty training issues, so going through your videos on that and looks like I need to tighten up and fine tune in some areas of their training. Thank you so much again, for making these videos!!! Next will be leash manners/pulling and rushing the door 🥴

  10. We just got a 7 month old Harrier, and she LOVES to nip. Does it everytime we try and pet her. I wonder if she's too old for these tips to really be effective

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