CHOW CHOW PUPPIES – Dangerous to kids?

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Chow Chows have a less than desirable reputation in the world, suggested as being challenging, snappy, aggressive and possibly a danger to children. But what is the truth? Are ALL chows this way or perhaps its their upbringing that can effect their final character? Anneka travels to top UK Stud Tomorady Chows to find out the truth by mixing in with dozens of chow chow puppies being socialised to go to homes with children all over the UK.

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CHOW CHOW PUPPIES – Dangerous to kids?

10 thoughts on “CHOW CHOW PUPPIES – Dangerous to kids?

  1. Hi 🙋‍♂️ yes chows are dangerous someone on another YouTube channel said that there would be nothing wrong with having one ☝️ as a first time pet I disagree just because he was successful doesn’t mean others are like him you know. People who want to get dogs in the US are young and lack discipline I’m from the US and I know I couldn’t take on the challenge of raising one ☝️ alone the dog food at the store here lacks all kinds of nutrients I can tell the dogs 🐕 are suffering from their droppings all over the place if I ever got a dog any dog I would like to be sure I can afford to feed it quality food and I don’t believe a lot of young people here in the US can do that like myself as well. I’ve never owned my own pet and am discouraged to by what I see pet co and other stores 🏬 put the animals through you know like the dogs not being able to digest their products or dog food 🍲 what’s going on here in America 🇺🇸 is horrifying Mankind is going through it too with the General stores everywhere well anyway it’s important that we put the lord our savior and then ourselves first before anything else questions people may want to ask themselves before getting a dog like a chow am I taken care of or can I take care of myself how’s my health good 😌 bad if good will I be able to provide the same health for the dog oh yeah will I be able to afford the dogs and his needs amen 🙏

  2. I have 3 chows and 4 chow puppies at home. Firstly, they are extremely protective and act as guard dogs. When I'm alone at home, when they hears someone near our gate they would immediately start barking. It makes me feel safe at home. Once they are trained when they are puppies, they are the best. My dogs don't bite people and when they feel like we are in danger, we just need to pet them and calm them down a little before letting strangers in our hojse

  3. A little chow chow has unlimited charm to win a girl 💗 by looking at her 😉👍

  4. Love chow chows but dangerous breed indeed. Bit a few of my peoples back in the day 😬

  5. All I’ve ever had since I have been alive was a chow chow! We love them in my family! Lots of kids through that time. Gotta expose them at a young age!

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