Chucky Saves Puppy From Car Ride Chase!

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In todays video Chucky and Puppy eat McDonalds in the car. A funny clown surprises them and they all have a dancing car ride. Will chucky and the clown get along? Find out on this new life of sammie and summer video! Hit that Subscribe button for new dog videos every week!

Chucky surprises puppy and funny clown with dancing car ride!

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Chucky Saves Puppy From Car Ride Chase!

9 thoughts on “Chucky Saves Puppy From Car Ride Chase!

  1. She was really rude and mean to Ronald McDonald smashing and running over his free offer of food but it was all in fun and she did give him a ride and let him drive the car. At least she is very good to the dogs in each video everytime.

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