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This 3 hour complete puppy training video goes over what to train your new puppy first. The first tutorial explains what you will focus on depending on your puppy’s personality. Then the rest of the videos are tutorials on the most important behaviors to work on first with your new puppy in the first few weeks you have your puppy. The tutorials are not just on behaviors to train but also information that is important for you to know how to train for example the tutorial on training session length which will help you learn how to make your training most effective. There is also information on house training, introducing your puppy to other dogs and separation training.

Here is the list of the puppy training tutorials for your convenience:

0:12 What to train first
2:49 When to start training
4:22 Solving frustration over treats
5:32 First luring session – first teach luring from a distance
6:33 The attention game
9:57 The attention noise – A positive interrupter
10:53 Teach your puppy his name
14:08 Come when called
16:39 Come when called adding a distraction
20:15 Come when called higher level distraction
27:15 Stop puppy biting and teach him to like being handled
35:29 Stop puppy biting at clothes
42:31 No mugging
44:14 The touch cue
47:22 Go to your bed
52:57 Go in your crate
58:17 The collar grab
1:03:43 Puppy restraint training
1:10:17 Quick way to teach fetch
1:14:26 Teach drop
1:16:47 Resource guarding prevention with toys
1:21:15 Resource guarding prevention with chews
1:25:10 The settle and separation training
1:38:51 How long to train
1:46:57 Puppy safety and injury prevention
1:57:35 House Training
2:19:07 Advantages and disadvantages to using crates and tethers
2:36:51 Taking treats nicely
2:48:17 Introducing your puppy to other dogs

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Happy Training!

– Emily Larlham (AKA Kikopup)

About the author:

Emily Larlham runs the dog training business Dogmantics Dog Training in San Diego, California. She is known around the world for her popular Youtube Channel ‘Kikopup’ where she has posted over 350 free in-depth dog training tutorials. She believes that by putting out free training tutorials that don’t involve any forms of physical or psychological intimidation, it will not only effect how people treat animals but also how people treat other human beings. Emily created the term ‘Progressive Reinforcement Training’ and a training manifesto to describe this way of training in detail.

Emily began her training career as an animal care-giver in a shelter about 15 years ago where she met her dog training mentor Kyle Rayon. After meeting Kyle, Emily quit her job and became an apprentice. After many years of study, learning from both human and thousands of canine mentors, she began her own business. She combines her artistic background and training skills to invent creative, fast and reliable ways to solve problem behaviors as well as train complex behaviors and tricks. She has been invited to conduct seminars on her techniques for training dogs without intimidation in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. She has also spoken at conferences such as the PPG Summit, Clicker Expo, Clicker Expo Europe, APDT Australia and the Art and Science of Animal Training Conference.


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  1. Didn't find the tutorial you were looking for? Check out this link! Its my Puppy Training Playlist. It's got 76 videos!!!

  2. Are they supposed to be clicker trained before hand since you use a clicker throughout the first few tutorials? Also, what do you do if your puppy starts chasing you everywhere after teaching them the attention game? The reason I ask is because I see some dogs offer behaviors without you asking for treats.

  3. I wish I found a female and make her my close friend with the same brain cells so I can educate myself and learn some new information 🙂

  4. Hello, firstly I would like to thank you for all your content, it is extremely helpful. I am about to get a border collie and have studied your videos in depth. One remark I do have is: I wish you would post more of how you begin training with the puppies, as most of the videos seem to be on proof training behaviours the dogs already know and therefore offer perfectly. I don’t mean to say to entice the puppy towards the wrong, but to see a training behaviour from the first session would be even more helpful. Hoping to have not made any offence

  5. how many weeks of training would it take to have your dog trained to each of the desirable behaviours outlined in this video?

  6. What are good treats? Harley doesnt seem intrested in the 2 kinds I have.

  7. I have a question about house training. I live in an apartment building and it has a huge park, as i understeand, I cant take my 2 month old puppy to the park yet, as she is not done with her shots. So I need to teach her first to go on the pads and when its safe for her to go to the park, teach her again. How can I make this trannsition easier?

  8. Thank you for merging this compilation – I pick up my puppy in a couple of weeks – so this has helped me confidentially plan and prepare for this big adventure!

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