Corgi Puppies on the grass

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A herd of Corgi’s gets their first taste of grass under their feet after being inside on tiles, blankets and papers since their birth. Some have tails and some don’t, as their mum is a natural bob. See if you can pick them. 🙂

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Corgi Puppies on the grass

10 thoughts on “Corgi Puppies on the grass

  1. this was so cute, i had to punch a hole in the wall to keep my manlieness up.

  2. Corgi's used to have their tails docked as part of the breed due to their involvement with cattle herding. It's just no good when a cow steps on a tail. 🙁 Nowadays it's illegal in Australia to dock their tails so we are breeding the tail out progressively over generations. This litter is a mix of some with tails, some without and some with a small tail. Eventually we will have them naturally without tails and no need to dock them.

  3. I had to cut down some trees and chug a stein of beer to regain my manliness. Lol just kidding, I squee'd just like the girly girl I am.

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