COWS acting like PUPPIES

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Cows are just big puppies who love to run, kiss, and snuggle too.

👉 Featuring these adorable mooing creatures and/or their human friend:
👱Jeremy Hess –
🐮 Larry –
👩 Jenny 🐮 Bella –
👨‍🌾 wildwoodfarmsanctuary –
🐮 Evana –
🐮 Riesling aka Ries – currently 2 years old –
👱Mark Peters –

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COWS acting like PUPPIES

10 thoughts on “COWS acting like PUPPIES

  1. My favorite type of cow is the highland cows. They are adorable and all the hair in their faces make them look like surfers haha 🏄‍♂️🐮

  2. I am around 8 beef cattle every day. With the exception of the bottle babies, they are a decidedly aggressive and block-headed bunch of bovines. If you get in their corral, don't turn your back or you'll be on your face! Having been around them, it now is much easier to see them go away to be hamburger.

  3. Cows are cute but me not eating them isn't gonna stop the slaughter. I want one tho

  4. Cows “I love you so much let’s be friends?” Human “I love you too but the demon in side of me sees steak.” Creation “unfortunately human on earth and other planets refused to simple calculations called; what you desire, don’t refuse others. If you want peace, safety and prosperity for your self & loved one don’t take it away from others, so I’m taking it away from you and your Loved one as I have already doing it for centuries but this century you have expedited your your merciless so I will take everything from you some time in a very near future.”

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