10 thoughts on “Cute Mini Schnauzer Puppy Comes Home – ChumpieTheDog

  1. We just got a mini schnauzer today! He is a blackish grayish color and his big bushy grey eyebrows and a mustache. He looks like a little grandpa! Our other dog (big lazy basset hound) is named Fred. Or for long, Frederick Worthington. We named our mini schnauzer Wilford. For long, Wilford Blimlei. Or something like that hehe. Both names sound so fancy and proper, which is funny cause they’re both so cute and lazy. Hehe. 💕

  2. First when I go t the same dog as you, when we went home we ran to the living room and pee

  3. Please don’t use callers, only a body harness. Small dogs especially can be choked and their tracheas can be crushed by pulling on them. Yes I knew someone who accidentally killed her dog that way. Also don’t leave it on them 24/7 as puppies. Later a light thin collar can be used for ID purposes, but never to walk and control a dog. We all love our fur babies! 😉❤️🐾🐾🐶

  4. My mini schnauzer died recently and I agreed to go dogless for a while. This video stirs up such emotion!

  5. so sad to be taken away from your brothers and sisters, and put in a big house with 2 strangers.

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