Dachshund puppies, 18 days old.

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Music: Ikson ‘Balance’.

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Dachshund puppies, 18 days old.

10 thoughts on “Dachshund puppies, 18 days old.

  1. Thank you for all the sweet messages to ask how Loulou is doing. In addition to the calcium problem, she is doing well. This is more common with small dogs and more puppies. They give so much milk that it draws all the calcium from their bodies. Because of that they get eclampsia. This can be very harmful if you do nothing and even lead to death. We try to get this under control with a veterinarian. Actually … 3 different vets. If Loulou gets eclampsia, she gets an injection from the vet which helps immediately. This helps 2 days. Loulou eats a lot, she has a very extensive diet, extra bones, egg shells, calcium powder, curd cheese, special puppy milk, etc. If Loulou goes well tomorrow and she doesn't get any eclampsia, there is progress and we get it under control. The vet advises NOT to stop feeding. No artificial milk for the puppies. In 1 week the puppies will try solid food and will help a lot. I'll keep you updated.
    Xxx Eveline

  2. How do you handle them when they poop? Since they sleep most of the time and still learning how to walk…do you have to bathe them and change bedding often?

  3. I look forward to seeing these videos. Those sweet little faces. Easy to fall in love with any one of them. So appreciate the way you take such great care of Loulou and her babes. 💕

  4. They are very well looked after ! Congratulations !!! Kisses of Brazil ! 😘😘😘🐕🐕🐕❤❤❤

  5. Sleeping beauties.I love all of them .God bless u all.U are a good owner(Madam) giving good and healthy food to the mother and pups .Now a days ownersare not feeding animals properly they just using for money and selling the pups thats it.Jesus will give u so many gifts.God bless u madam.

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