Dachshund puppies, 2 weeks old.

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2 weeks old.

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Dachshund puppies, 2 weeks old.

10 thoughts on “Dachshund puppies, 2 weeks old.

  1. This morning Loulou started shaking again and we immediately went to the vet for a second injection. Now she is doing well again. We give her everything she needs, but it is frustrating that we cannot get this under control. Loulou gives a lot of milk. The amount of milk she gives is also genetically determined (I didn't know this). By giving a lot of milk, the calcium is pulled from her muscles / bones, causing eclampsia. We can help her by making sure she gives less milk and that is by giving the puppies artificial milk. We do this now but it is not easy. I once had little rabbits that no mother had raised with a bottle. This was so difficult but I thought giving puppies a bottle would be a bit easier. Everything will be fine, the puppies are growing very well and besides the calcium problem, Loulou is doing very well. So proud.
    Xxx Eveline

  2. Other than her coloring, Loulou looks exactly like my baby Emma. We are planning on breeding her soon. She is going into her 2nd heat next month – I am worried about the whole process, but seeing this video and the unbelievably adorable puppies makes me certain I want to breed Emma.

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