Dachshund puppies playing in the living room.

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Dachshund puppies playing in the living room.

10 thoughts on “Dachshund puppies playing in the living room.

  1. Last Friday we had a checkup in the hospital with Loulou. Her blood values ​​were perfect and even her calcium more than good. Lactation is no problem because her calcium can no longer fall as it was, we were told. The drip had helped her. We give the puppies solid food 3 times a day which helps Loulou. No extra check was needed because it was good …..

    Yesterday when we wanted to go to bed, Loulou was panting out of nowhere and so restless. Fred immediately called the hospital and wanted her to be checked. They thought she had eaten something wrong, but no. Her calcium level was even lower than ever before. She had to get a calcium drip again and had to stay the night in the hospital. We had asked so many times and yet she was back in the hospital.

    Loulou is a good mother and gives her puppies much more milk than they need. Normally a dog gives the amount of milk that the puppies need but Loulou gives a lot of times a day. To 6 of them. Now she is wearing a romper that the puppies can no longer drink milk. Loulou doesn't like it but it is necessary. There is also some sanitary napkins in it otherwise the pups want to drink through the material. The puppies make growling and irritated noises because they want Loulou's milk.

    The puppies are doing very well and we are now giving them artificial milk and solid food. They can drink the artificial milk from a plate. I am happy that Loulou has finished lactation, I don't blame anyone but feel guilty towards Loulou and not heard by vets. Our confidence was with them, but this took too long and had not been necessary. Loulou is doing well again and with her romper she can still be with her puppies. We enjoy every day with them.

    Xxx Eveline

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