10 thoughts on “Daddo got mom very A M G E R Y / Shiba Inu puppies (with captions)

  1. SPECIAL NOTE – Shiro is an adult Shiba & a territorial dog therefore, he'll show and teach boundaries for the little ones. And the little ones learn through trial and error – at the moment they seem fearless and bold entering his space at a whim but what happens if they meet the same situation in the wild and can't "calibrate" their reaction – to act submissive or fight back? They could die. This is all about that: Shlro ls a no-nonsense father and he's showing signs of stress at all this hlppldy – hoppldy behaviour. He shouldn't be scolded even if for us it looks harsh or even abusive. it's really not. it's dog socialization at its most authentic that requires human intervention only if it becomes physical le. he bites the pups (which he never ever did) – Darcy M. Royce
    . Thank everyone for your concerns hope this sheds some light.

  2. I have a rude dad doddo too ugh very food agressive with the tatertotz

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