Day In The Life Of A Dog Breeder – 2 Day Old Puppies Get Collars & Crate Training Puppies

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Hey Doodle Fam! Follow along for another day in the life of a dog breeder as I weigh and put collars on 2 day old puppies. Its so important to weigh each puppy daily to ensure each one is gaining weight. Also, Isla’s puppies are old enough to start crate training at 6 weeks. At 6 weeks, we are continuing to work with them o unstable surfaces, climbing up and down ledges, and going through dark spaces.

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10 thoughts on “Day In The Life Of A Dog Breeder – 2 Day Old Puppies Get Collars & Crate Training Puppies

  1. Hi, can I ask whether I can bath my cavoodle during her heat or when she is pregnant? I Love your cutie puppies and your passion and care of your breeding program.

  2. Hi Erin! Just when I thought I knew pretty much, you came out with the Baxter n Bella training to start before we get our beautiful girl from you. A life time of training is so important for the dogs n us❣️

  3. I love your channel!! It is my favorite!! You really need to write a book too! 👍🏼

  4. Love your videos!! You guys do such an amazing job with your puppy’s!
    I have a question. Have you had any trouble with the puppies transition to going potty outside from going on the grates? I know sometime potty training can be hard for pups when they have to transition from different surfaces so I am curious if you have had that or if they do fine since they are so well adjusted!

  5. I love so much watching your videds and the puppies are so cute!! I also learned a lot from your videso too, probably going to use it next time when I get a new puppy!

  6. Your video of "day in the life of a breeder- morning routine" is so wonderful! And this video is also amazing, you are so well organized, the little puppies are all very cute. I adopted a puppy two weeks ago, and found that my skin started inching a few days ago, and large area of red rash. Based on your experience, do you think I can own the puppy? Thank you again for the sharing!

  7. My cockapoo had 2 boys 2 girls on March 31st. They are growing so fast already it's amazing.

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